November 30th, 2022

Negazione – Collezione di Attimi, DeeMo

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Goodfellas, via Rubaconte da Mandelo 11, 50126 Firenze, Italy,

The band was one of the trail blazers of European Hardcore Punk in the early eighties, out of Torino/Italy. Their bass player Marco had a bad traffic accident a couple of years ago and has been in a coma until he died December 2021. This „collection of moments“ is dedicated to him. The other two permanent band members, Zazzo and Tax, tell the story of the band and their friendship (Italian and English). There is some text as well as tour lists (mostly with the city’s without venue names) that give you a basic band history.

But mostly there is tons of photos, gig flyers, song lyrics, fanzine snippets, record cover artwork, graphics and other manifesto that give you a great idea how this band started in squats 1983 and lasted until 1992 with a appearance at the Monsters of Rock show in Modena. You find not only live shots, but also many private and on the road photos from their travels thru Europe. This is the first book (31 x 24 x 2,8 cm) put together by DeeMo (better known to some old scenesters as Dumbo), who in the beginning was also part of the Negazione family touring with them. He decided to use basically a old school fanzine layout, cut and paste, mix things up, graphics with photos, big, small, enlarged, b/w, color it is a wild mix, without drifting into chaos – very enjoyable. In a regular book review one should not mince words, but since this is a very special project for a sad matter, that has to be done somewhere else. It was great seeing all this photos, the energy of the live concerts, the friendly faces of the Italian friends – brought back so many memory’s and exactly that was probably the sense of this book. Mission completed. Not sure if this book works for people who never saw the band live, but we will find out. There is a very good chance the images in cooperation with fantasy will do magic. Like Negazione did, when they played their energetic live set. I was lucky enough to see the band more then once, bringing Hardcore Punk to the Punks, who sometimes, had no idea what was happening on the stage, but people did understand. It was about DIY, politics, fun, family, friendship, change… I love the manifesto on page 33 where Declino and Negazione introduce themselves to possible peers in Europe – that was networking before the Internet at its best! „..We‘re not here only for the music but we wanna communicate to know people and situation just like ours, fightin‘ to live and not survive! We know repression is spreading in all Europe, so we think it‘s important to exchange our experiences to react: Unite and stand up for fight. Our music it totally out from any commercial business! Our products (tapes, records…) are totally self-produced and sold at really cheap prices. Our gigs form part of this way to do our things…“ Browsing thru the book again, I love just so much more here, Virus Milano, Emma Amsterdam, photos, photos, photos, Tutti Pazzi, Lo Spirito Continua! 375 pages, paperback, 39,00 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978 88 99770 25 9

[Trust # 216 October 2022]

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