August 12th, 2008

More Than Music!?

Posted in bücher by Dolf

In theory this is a catalouge for an photoexibition, but I’m sure it is not only meant to go along with the exhibition. The zine has ca. 60 pages full of b/w photos of over 50 bands. To name a few: Oil, DS-13, At the drive in, Kitty Empire, Milemarker, The Locust, Nra, Fugazi, Soma, Upset, Elliot, Turbonegro…… you can tell, there is everything there, from „big“ bands to unknown and everything inbetween. The photos are taken by Urte and Benni (some of you might have seen their photos already here in Trust), most of them are really good (not much „art“-photograpy) and capture the energy and always the moment. Printquality is good.

Till now this is a „normal“ photozine, but, Urte and Benni did ask the same eight questions to every band. Which makes a intersting read, since you get so many different answers (well, the answers to the questions 5-8 from The John Doe Band and Neverending are eqaul, not sure if it is the same guy saying things twice, or if it is a mistake ;-). The questions are: 1. Personals; 2. What do you think when you look at this picture; 3. Being on stage, with this band? What happens to you?; 4. (How) do you remember this concert; 5. (In which way) have things changed (for you and otherwise) since then?; 6. Everday life? How do you make a living?; 7. Punk – „more than music“?; 8. Punk & Sexyness

Unfortunally not all the photos have the interview, but what can you do if the band gets not back with answers…. I assure you, most photos are coming with text. Also they got Chris Jones (singer of Verbal Assault, that have that song called „more than music“) to write a editorial, also Bennie and Urte write some words of explanation. It is a great idea, it came out real well, I suggest you get it and also check out their exhibition. Maybe the subtitle sums it up best: „A collection of pictures and words about hardcore, punk and other forms of rock’n’roll“ (dolf)

B. Krasemann, Wiesenstr. 12, 37073 Göttingen

[Trust 97 Dezember 2002]

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