August 12th, 2008

I A, Me-Ist Or The Portable Board

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First I thought, cool, I read almost all columns of this guy in MRR the last 20 years, so I dont have to read the book, which is exactly that, a collection of columns by Mykel Board. But then I started to read the foreward (by Ben Weasel) and a few of his columns and decided, to read it, even if some of it I read in the past – alot of time has passed since then. In the book are not all his columns, they are sorted by subject: Age, April Fools, Music, Politics, Sex, Travel, Other Topics. You also get a few words about Mykel Board from more or less „famous“ scensters.

It is impossible to consider all the columns in this book, but it has to be said: It is fun to read the book, it is thought provocing, funny, pisses you off here and there and in general has a nice style in writing, if you like that kind of style. Mykel’s column in MRR is called „You are Wrong“ and he is right so many times. Not always thou, his biggest failure is that he keeps mentioning he is a „jewish boy“, you should think he understood, since in his colum „There are no homosexuals“ he writes about how „there is no homosexuals“ and sums it up saying „There will be ‚fag bashing‘ als long as there are ‚fags‘.“ Now you replace the word „fag“ with „jew“ and you are there.

Also he sometimes is even deadly wrong, like in a column where he speaks of Aids as if the whole case was only blown up by media to fear the people, ask the millions in Africa if they are victims of media or Aids. Anyway, it is interesting to read what this guy has been doing all over the world. Be it his travel to Thailand (he is pro sex tourism… and pro child/adult sex – you need to read why!) and his sexual adventures or his time in Mongolia, Japan and all over the states and Europe and his adventures there. Since I know the author since two decades, I have the impression sometimes his storys of sexual adventures are more based on wishfull thinking than reality, but hey, who cares, it is a good read.

For this guy the fun starts where your fun ends, I know his humor is not good for everybody and I know he is hated by some PC, feminist, straight edge, and other groups like that, but it is not wrong to be hated by them who are not right. The columns he choose go back to 1983 and up to 2000, that is 17 years. I remember a while ago in a private corrospondence he said that writing columns is saying the same again and again but always pack it in diffrent words. And while I agree on it, I know that Mykel has alot to say and does not try to sell one idea in different clothes. Check it out. Almost 400 pages, Paperback. (dolf)

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