August 12th, 2008

Fat Bloke Thin Book – Arturo Bassick

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Bassick Publications, 25 Shepard Terrace, Haltwhistle NE499LS, United Kingdom,


If you have no idea who Arturo Bassick is, he is of the Lurkers and 999. A musician/punk who has been around since day one and tells you the story „of his life of total glamour and untold riches in the entertainment industry“. But it is much more than this, since Arturo begins with his birth in the mid 50’s and tells about his childhood, growing up in London without hot running water and such. Rather interesting read I had to admit while reading it. Soon after that punk happens and Arturo writes about his adventures with bands.

This book is far from „complete“, since Arturo says he is way too lazy to write it all down and I have to say it was probably a good decsions, since the shortness of the storys keeps the readers attention from start to finnish. And I doubt that would have been the case if the book had every single gig listed Bassick played with all the storys around them. No, this is short and sharp, like a punk song and a nice read.

Even if you are not a big fan of his bands or that area. But it is a nice incomplete biography of a bloke who has been there early and lived a interesting life and did some partying. The author also speaks his mind about certain subjects of politcal nature or morals and I’d say I agree with him on most of what he thinks. The book has 110 pages, is small ( 170 x 120 ) and paperback. There is also tons of newspaper clippings, photos, flyers, art, etc. so you got plenty to look at. I was not expecting much reading this, but after I did, I was glad I did so. It is selfpublished so you will not find it in your regular bookstore, but can get it from him directly for 7,50 pounds. (dolf)

[Trust # 131 August 2008]


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