März 29th, 2023

Against the Written Word: Toward a Universal Illiteracy – Ian F. Svenonius

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Akashic Books, 232 Third Street, Suite A115, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Usa, www.akashicbooks.com

This is the fourth book of the musician (Escape-ism, Chain & the Gang, The Make-Up, The Nation of Ulysses) from DC who lives in LA now. I said most of what to say in the other book-reviews, but in case you missed them or have no idea what to expect: If your English is not very good and not only that, you should also know vocabulary that most native speakers never use, this is not much fun to read. Fact and fiction, some might call it art, are very close here, of course most of the times there is a true core in the text. Unfortunately I could not learn much new here and had not much fun reading this. Because a lot of the vocabulary I have never seen before and probably no translation AI will be able to do a proper job.

But hey, some people like the authors style and his humor. For me this just feels like with a lot of comedy. Good idea, great „joke“, but if one idea/joke follows the next, it just does not get any better, if you know what I mean. The fifteen essays have various length and I enjoyed the one where he explains the reader that humankind always try to fix things after they happened in the past, instead of taking care of the present problems or looking at the present from a future perspective. Another classic Svenonius, if you are a fan, get it. Wicked tongues might say the title in reality should be „Against the Written Word from Ian F. Svenonius“. And, who knows, the author says there is no more need for any other book to be written after this book. Lets see if he listens to himself. 308 pages, paperback, 16,95 $ US (dolf)

Isbn ‎ 978-1636140803
[Trust # 218 February 2023]

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