März 28th, 2018

Why can’t we all be happy all the time – G.W. Sok

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Druxat, Netherlands

The book title is a very good question, unfortunately the book does not answer it…. which is no surprise. Since it is the second collection of song-lyrics written from 2010 – 2016 for several bands (Action Beat, King Champion Sound, Gran Kino….). G.W. Sok was the singer for the dutch Band The Ex for many years and now works with different bands. Most of the 72 lyrics in this book are rather poetic than bold statements, which is no surprise for someone who works with lyrics for decades. Here is a part I liked a lot from the Song „Getting Tired“ – „…..When losers and abusers force the T into error then head for the abyss, blind as bats acting like a bunch of retarded rats…“

So if you are a fan of G.W. Sok or a friend of meaningful poetic song lyrics this +140 page book is for you. It also contains a bit of historical info on the works of Sok. 12,00 Euro (dolf)
Isbn 978-9076154008

[Trust # 188 February 2018]

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