Februar 1st, 2012

Warning: The Art of Marc McKee

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Mark Batty Publisher, LLC 68 Jay Street, Suite 410 Brooklyn, NY 11201

In the skateboard world Marc McKee is known for his graphics for Blind and World Industries. He can produce in different styles, but his trademark is probably his often sick humor/provocations. Some of his artwork copied big companys styles/logos (Burger King, Scientology) and got him in trouble. One can ask why a naked women has to be on a skateboard, McKee did not ask, he put her there and calls the model „Censorship“ (from 1991 – big foldout), or the „Napping Negro“ a year later, some will call that racist, I’m sure it was not meant to be.

It much rather seems Marc has no borders in humor, no matter if it classic politcal correctness or shit like the „Fucked Up Blind Kid“ Series… On almost 100 pages you can make your own opinion, lots of his skate designs, other original artwork and his illustrations for Hustler magazine. Foreword by Rodney Mullen and a short interview with Marc himself. For a graphic book it is rather small (21,3 x 16,5 ), paperback. (dolf)
19,95 $

Isbn 978-1935613237

[Trust # 151 December 2011]

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