Juli 29th, 2017

The Carhartt WIP Archives

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Rizolli, 300 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010, Usa, http://www.rizzoliusa.com

Here is a description that comes from the web page of the publisher that sums it up: „The Carhartt WIP Archives is the first comprehensive publication exploring that remarkable evolution. Edited by Michel Lebugle and Anna Sinofzik, with texts by Gary Warnett, Mark Kessler and Anna Sinofzik, it features more than 350 images including heaps of hitherto unpublished photographs, artworks, as well as ephemera drawn from the company’s own archives and different private collections, providing an unparalleled look into the brand’s bustling universe.“ Of course you do get a lot of photos, some less spectacular, some fashion shots.

You also can learn about the origins of the company (in the USA they started as a work wear company in Detroit and only got adopted by youth in the mid eighties) and get the full historical back view, the founding of the European division is documented well. Some of the people who write about the company do it in a style one gets the impression they talk about a revolution, not a fashion brand. Of course it is in parts a special company. It is big, but not a part of cooperation, they did support a lot of cool stuff – at least in the past. And they are great marketing people, which is probably absolutely necessary in the street fashion world. There is some facsimile fax communication documented by European founder Edwin Faeh and a guy in the Netherlands from the mid nineties that show the boss had a plan. Pretty interesting. For my taste there is too many fashion shoots shown on the 428 pages, but hey – it is a fashion company. But also tons of cool shit to explore, old logos, graphics, projects. Well, it is a company book that celebrates the 25 years of the company in Europe. If you read all the Carhartt brand books, you already know the story. Here you find it all in one posh hardcover coffetable book (22,9 x 3,8 x 29,5 cm ). Not sure why there is different prices, 49.- Euro down to 33,99 Euro – but even better for people that are interested. (dolf)

Isbn 978-0-8478-4419-7

[Trust # 184 June 2017]

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