August 12th, 2008

Surf Skate & Rock Art Of Jim Phillips

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Schiffer Books Usa/ Bushwood Books, 6 Marksbury Ave, Kew Gardens, Surrey, TW9 4JF Great Britain,


I love books like this one, especially when they are well done like this life biography. Jim Phillips was born in 1944 and was part of the surf, skate and art scene since a very young age. As a graphic artist he was doing a lot of art for the mentioned scenes, be it surfboard design, rockposters, skatedeck design, stickers, magazins, you name it, Phillips did a lot. His family moved to Santa Cruzm, California when he was 7 and with a few interruptions he used to live there most of his life and is until today.

You can read all the details in the very detailed description of his life and doings.The + 200 pages (paperback, glossy paper, 4c, 30 x 23 cm format) show so much art it is incredible, from a very young/kid Phillips all the way to recent stuff he did. Jeff is mostly known around the world for his skateboard – monster – art for Santa Cruz skateboards. That was the art I was familiar with, but there is so much more to find out about this lifetime artist, it is crazy interesting.

Also, one can learn so much about the early days of surfing and skating, about the business going along with it, developments. It is a very interesting life story of a well talented artist. Not sure who is the author, maybe Jim himself? Could be, since there is so much detail, so well researched. I could fill pages with experts about his carrer, but this is only a review and you need to read the book to find all out about it.

The only thing appearing strange to me is: the reader (well at least myself) does not find out if the young Phillips in the 60 (all hippie look, Haight/Ashbury, etc.) was also inspired by taking drugs. In fact, after the book I don`t know if he ever did any, likes to drink – or not, or never did drugs at all. I mean, it is all good, but not to mention it at all

I’m sure they had their reasons. Anyway, on the cover is the screaming hand, everybody involved with skateboard has seen that. You will see so much that you saw before and even more that you never saw before, you can spend days with this book and still there will be new details popping up when you look at it again.If you are out for art, this book is for you. I stop raving now and finnish with this: I was not so happy to see him also doing stuff for/with Jesus Freaks – then again, it was a different time and Jeff is mainly a artist who does/did art for a living you choose yourself. On the book it says 29,95 US $, but it can be ordered for 24,95 (+5,50 postage) pounds from their UK distributer. (dolf)

Isbn 0-7643-1927-2

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