August 3rd, 2019

References – Steve Ignorant with Matthew Worley

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Dimlo Productions Norfolk,

Lets start with the final question: „ Steve, what`s the story behind the book`s cover?“ „One of my favourite paintings is called Grande Odalisque by Ingres. There`s always been controversy about it, this woman lying on her side but the spine is too long for the human torso. Couple of years ago now, I was in the pub in Sea Palling and there`s a woman called Caroline who lives there. Now, she`s got a different ability – a difability – if I can put it that way: she walks differently to me or you. And she was standing at the bar and I looked over and was like, `my god, that`s Odalisque`, so I asked her if she`d mind having a photo taken. She said `yes` and that`s why she`s on the cover.“ Now that this is out of the way lets focus on the rest, a book about Steve`s lyrics. After a foreword by The Shend follows a conversation between Steve Ignorant and Matthew Worley. They talk about Steve`s songs, the lyrics, what they mean, when they were written, why and how. It starts of with „Do they owe us a living?“ that was a Crass song, followed by 39 more songs, some of them Crass, others for Conflict, Schwartzeneggar, Stratford Mercenaries and his current band Slice of Life. For fans who want to know behind the scenes storys and anecdotes this is a great source, it is loosened with photos and original script. The reader finds out a lot about the person Steve Ignorant, where he is coming from and where he is at nowadays. In parts very interesting read, mixes with trivial and entertainment. 160 pages, 14,99 £ (dolf)

[Trust # 196 June 2019]

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