August 12th, 2008

Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything – Raw material from the martyred music movement – Bryan Ray Turcotte

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Gingko Press, Hamburgerstr. 180, 22803 Hamburg


Do you remember the book “Fucked up + Photocopied”? Well, basically one can say this book is part II. It is 29 x 24 cm in format and almost 300 pages thick, glossy full colour pages, the cover is so raw/hard, you have to be carefull to not hurt yourself when holding it. It is also + 1,6 kg heavy, so you better don`t drop it – on your foot. This time, there is not mostly flyers in the book, but also, apart from again tons of flyers and posters, also set lists, photos, `zines and general art, as listed on the cover.

But you also find concert-tickets and many other grafic stuff, it is one of those books that you find something new anytime you look at it. Here also a bunch of old scensters write about the “old times” and or punk, most of the time an interesting read. (if you can read it, the print is so small and the typo and layoutstyle make it really hard to read, I almost had to use a magnifiyng glass.). Doug Woods, John Susoeff, Ian Mackaye, Wayne Kramer, Elleen Polk, Margaret Saddi Kramer, Arturo Vega to name a few of the more or less known contributers.

The bookauthor Bryan Ray Turcotte did a good job again throwing all that flyers, photos and text together in a wild layout style (just like in “fucked up + photocopied”). I like it. It is great that all this stuff is in a book now (some might say punk graphic should not be in a book like this, I disagree), instead of rotting in individual peoples boxes. A strong document. 39,90 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-1-158423-108-0

[Trust # 130 Juni 2008]

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