August 2nd, 2012

Out of Sight – Urban Art / Abandoned Spaces

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Carpetbombing Culture, 42 Swinburn Road, Darlington, Co Durham DL37TD, UK

Is this the beginning of “trends in urban art” or is it just a natural development? From trains to buildings onto abandoned buildings? What is gonna be next? Abondoned trains? The artists will let us know and I cant wait. Good street art is good street art, no matter if it is located on the market place or hidden in a basement of a old factory. Both spots have their challenges and the second for sure will not be seen by as many people, only by the few who earn the pleasure by leaving the desingnated areas.

Artists placing their work in hidden spaces have different reasons in doing so, one is the special feel these places have, another that one usually can work without the timepressure a public space often forces onto the painter. And it is for sure also a extra kick to jump those “Keep Out” and “Danger Unsafe building” signs. The work in this book comes from England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Norway and Spain by approxematily thirty artists (alot ot them are listed with internetadresses so you actually can check out their art without even leaving the house….)

One chapter is dedicated to Doel in Belgium which is a special story in itself, but I wont blow the whistle here on this. The book is hardcover 26 x 26 cm with 192 pages. It is mostly photos, but you also find some text by the artists/makers, why they like to work in these special places and a foreword on the subject. Well done.
Like with most books of this kind you get mostly great art, in this case it is almost only good stuff and very few lower quality stuff. So this is a definite recommendation for everyone who is interested in urban art. 19,95 (dolf)

Isbn 978-0955912177

[Trust # 154 June 2012]

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