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My Punk Rock Life – The Photography of Marla Watson

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Earthisland Publishing, 22 Church Road, Turnbridge Wells, TN1 1JP, United Kingdom,

This is great, Marla did publish Skank Fanzine, exactly one issue, but made a Skank press pass and was all over Los Angeles punk concerts in the 80‘s taking photos. Not only local bands, but also bands on tour and she also was in the UK, so some photos are from there. Obviously it is all b/w and every band you expect to be in here, is documented. Most of the over 300 images are really good shots and some excellent photos, mostly when the bands played live. One can tell it was crazy times back then there. Here the author unleashes her rarely seen hardcore punk photography from the early 1980’s – thanks to the Covid years when she finally found time to scan all those photos stored over decades in her attic.

Now you can see them in this nice book. Want some band names? Here you go: „Black Flag, Minor Threat, The Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, The Damned, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, The Vandals, Channel 3, The Adicts, Stiff Little Fingers, Shattered Faith, Fear, White Flag, Youth Brigade, Social Distortion, The Angry Samoans, Battalion of Saints, Redd Kross, 7 Seconds, Suicidal Tendencies, Descendents, Bad Brains, Discharge, UK Subs, The Clash, The Varukers, The English Dogs, T.S.O.L, The Lewd, Subhumans, Red Scare, Ill Repute, The Pandoras, The Blades, The Bangs, The Toy Dolls, Sin 34, GBH, The Dickies, DOA, and the list goes on…“ Of course there is also some writing, from Marla and other people who have been in the scene in Los Angeles and share their thoughts and experiences – what is different, not the usual suspects get to voice their personal storys. Here is a excerpt from one of Marla‘s writing: „John Macias was my friend. I first saw him at Godzilla’s … Seemingly from out of nowhere this giant of a man, also wearing a leather jacket. … This was who John was. He was the self-proclaimed ambassador of the L.A. punk scene. He loved punk rock and he loved Jesus and both shaped his identity. John was the leader of „The Family“. „The Family“ were a group of young punks who idolized him. They were like a gang or a cult with a larger than life charisma leader. I wasn‘t in „The Family“, but really liked John. … John fronted his own band, Circle One. … John died in 1991. He was a killed by the police who claimed he was high on drugs and mentally ill, I’m not sure if any of that was true. John was 29 when he died.“ While it is very sad this person died so early in his life, it is hard to believe that a punk singer was religious and a gang leader at the same time. But, in those days – and nowadays, everything is possible in punk, if that is good, is another question that we don’t discuss in a punk photo book review. Most people have heard of the photography of Glen E. Friedman, Ed Colver and Alison Braun – so if you dig their books, you will also like this one and can add Marla Watson to the list, she also was at the right time at the right places and had a camera. Now this treasure is lifted and made it into this book. One more for the collection. 256 pages, Hardcover (22x2x28 cm), 50,00 US $ (40 GB £ ), (dolf)

Isbn 978-1739443870

[Trust # 225 April 2024]

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