Februar 5th, 2020

Fugazi – keep your eyes open, Glen E. Friedman

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Akashic Books, 222 Third St., Suite A 115, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Usa, www.akashicbooks.com

This book war originally published by Burning Flag Press in 2007, this years (2019) second edition is in cooperation with Akashic Books. As some will remember, and a lot will just know, Fugazi was a amazing band, that played great music and had a almost perfect attitude like no other band ever since. This photo book documents the time when Glen met the band to do promo shots or when he saw them live. Beeing friends with Ian („While most photographers were taking photos of Fugazi, Glen was making photos with us“) helped a lot to get as close as Friedman gets here and guarantees some special shots. First there is a introduction by Ian F. Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War), titled „Fugazi and Rock `n` Roll“ where he describes how far away the band is from your typical Rock`N`Roll band.

If you are familiar with Svenonius`s writing you know you won`t get a regular story… and that is also the case here. If you dig his style, this is great writing that characterizes the band perfect. At the end of the book there is a few more words from the author and, additional to the first edition, a interview Glen did with Ian in fall 2018. Nice chat, you can tell Ian has not lost any of his opinion. But the main focus in this photo book, is – of course – the photos. Almost 200 color and b/w images captured by Friedman onstage and off between 1986 and Fugazi’s last US concert in 2002. All the photos accompany short texts where and when shot and, in case the band used it, where it was used. There is some great images here, since the band had a great live performance and Friedman was able to catch some of the atmosphere. For my taste there is too many off stage/promo photos, but I guess that has to be there in order to complete the documentation. There is no page numbers, but instead Fugazi song titles. The format is 28 x 23 cm, hardcover and the book has 120 pages. 35,00 $ US (dolf)

Isbn 978-1617757006

[Trust # 199 December 2019]

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