August 12th, 2008

Fucked Up + Photocopied

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Kill Your Idols Usa/ Ginko Press Usa/Germany


This book was published first in 1999, last year they did their 3. Printing and that did finally arrived here. The book is a „celebration of the scene“ as the editor Bryan R. Turcotte states in the opening words. And what a celebration it is. Basically it is 240 (23x29mm) glossy full colour pages filled with flyers, yes, flyers. Punk Rock show flyers from the Usa. When I was looking thru the book I saw alot of flyers that reminded me of a box I have under the roof, full of flyers, it also reminded me on my old shitty one room apartement where the „hall“ was completly covered with flyers, weird enough, mostly american flyers. How can that be, well kids, back then, people did write letters to each other and most of the time show flyers where used as letter paper.

Amazing, isnt it? But lets get back to the book. There is also a ton of people writing their thoughts about flyers and the time from „back then“ most of it is good reads, with interesting storys coming thru. To make it all complete the book also contains tons of photos, all that, flyers, photos and text thrown together in a wild layout – fucked up + photocopied – style. I like it. Alot of the flyers look like shit, others are funny, great artistic work, great graphic work, you have it all there, it does not matter, they all did their job.

Some of them did even more, they brought a message across, political, angry, pissed off, confrontating the viewer with stuff you dont usually see posted on lamp poles. It is a great documentary and I suggest you check it out and decide if you wanna dig deeper in it and add it to your collection. It is available in bookstores for 35.- Euros. There is so much to look at, that I know I will see „new“ stuff next time I look at it. (dolf)

Isbn 1-58423-083-5

[Trust # August 2003]


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