September 29th, 2010

Excessive Force – A Comix Anthology Against the Police

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Last Hours, 5 Middleton Grove, London, N7 9LU, England,

This was fun to read, 17 different comic artists from across the globe draw comics on how they imagine (or experienced) police oppression. Police is always brutal and unfair, of course – only one story concludes that sometimes you can not tell the diffrence between the „authoritys“, which was good to see. Artwise there is all kinds of styles in here, classic comic, arty comic, not so well drawn comic you name it. In the end you get „selected police abuses in the UK from 1939“ and „why I start fitwatch“ and a short introduction of all the artists.

While I agree that mindless police violence needs to be stopped and certain elements need to loose their job I have to point out that „no police“ is just no solution. Unfortunally. But human beeing proof everyday (rape, bodily harm, etc.) that police is needed. And it is always a mystery to me how one can expect after throwing rocks or breaking the law, nothing to happen but that is a different story. Paperback 144 pages.

12 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-1-907404-01-6

[Trust # 143 August 2010]


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