September 29th, 2010

Diary of a Miscreant – A Morgenmuffel Zine Anthology

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Last Hours, 5 Middleton Grove, London, N7 9LU, England,

Unfortunally I have never seen Morgenmuffel Zine in the last 10 years anyway, here is a collection of the best bits, re-presented and re-organised. All black and white it is basically columns in comic format or should I say illustrated columns. Isy has her drawing style, good, not excellent, but good, her autobiographical storys are sometimes (especially in the beginning) very cliché naïve and a bit sided, but hey, it is her comic. Fortunally one can tell after the years she gets more life experience and sees a few things a bit more realistic.

Lets see how she develops in the next decade. There is great storys in there, for example when she goes with her friend to Korea – overland. There is also many storys I might as well quote Isy “Enticed by the anti-roads movement and ecological direct action, I moved from Germany to UK in 1997. The first comics that I drew here were all about squatting, hitchhiking, going on protests, and the life of a dole scrounger

Suffice to say I’ll still living in my wonderful housing co-op 10 years later”. She also is part of the volunteer cooking collective “The Anarchist Teapot” – so there is storys of them cooking at protests and stuff. But you also get personal stuff, like in “On the Rag” or “Yeast Infections are crap”. It is definitly entertaining to read, I did not learn too much new, but learned what Isy was doing and about her toughts. Nice. Softcover + 110 pages 12 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-1-907404-009

[Trust # 143 August 2010]

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