August 12th, 2008

Document: A Story of Hope – Nial McGuirk

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Hope Publications, 31 Hazel Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 9, Ireland


The subtitle sums it all up „A collection of vegan recips and stories from the independent Dublin music scene“ When Niall was wondering around 1984 why not more bands play in Ireland, he had no idea that the Hope collectiv will bring bands to the island the next 15 years. The book lists all the gigs Niall and/or the collective did during the years in Dublin. But not only is it the listing, every gig comes with a story, or a vegan recipe, sometimes both. All the storys and recips habe been contributed by bands or people (together 120) involved in the collective. And, hey, they brought almost 300 bands to Ireland! That inspired alot of other people there to do gigs, so Ireland is on the normal touring schedule for undergrounnd bands since then.

There is also a bunch of cool photos in the book, as well as a few editorials by people that have been involved. From what I read, they had a great time and experience. I wish I would have been there, at least once, in order to have faces or memories of the city or a club. But having never even been there, here and there it was not so entertaining for me to read – and of course I mean the story, not the cooking recipes.

I personally also dont like the way it is made graphically, especially the headlines are all looking alike and dont do their job. But that is a minor criticism. The book is paperback, has 160 pages and costs 10.- Euro including postage. So, if you wanna read about a great example of underground culture and find out what kind of vegan recipes bands like No Fx, Fugazi, The Ex or lesser know once like The fFlaps, Lawnmowers or Donkey recommend – this is the right source. (dolf)

Hope Publications, 31 Hazel Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 9, Ireland

[Trust # 102 Okotber 2003]


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