Oktober 1st, 2016

Censorship Now!! – Ian Svenonius

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Akashic Books, 232 Third Street, Suite A115, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Usa, www.akashicbooks.com


Churning, apologia, inalienable, intrinsic, venerated, contemplation, sacrosanct, fornication…. you need to be ready to not understand alot of the vocabulary, unless of course you are a native speaker or have a very large – shall I say academic or better eccentric – english vocabulary. If you don’t, like me, then it can not be as much fun as it could be to read the book. Alot of the words I would not even use in my native language. But, it is Svenonius, so you know the guy has his style, of course also in writing. Here you find a collection of essays divided in three parts with 16 sub chapters. Not only is the author pro censorship, against Ikea and Apple, he will also tell you about why to be shaved, the rise and fall of college rock, gentrification of punk, historical role of sugar, origins of the internet and many more topics. Some might call this satire and I’m sure that is not completely false, but I would rather call it typical Svenonius-style. It is a mixture of facts and bullshit, so close together that you sometime can not see the line anymore to know what is true or not.

Is that a historical fact or just a weird thought in the authors brain that he skilled describes as if it is from the dictionary. Exactly that is what makes this a fun read, if your english is good enough. Some of the story’s are just hilarious other so far out, it is hard to see them. But, as always there is a true core and a honest criticism on situations that exist and Ian manages to box them into his own world. I hope this book also gets a german translation version – I look forward to read that. Until then, it is your decision if you wanna deal with it or not. Paperback 192 pages, 14,95 US$ (dolf)
Isbn 978-1617754098

[Trust # 179 August 2016]

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