November 28th, 2017

Belfast Punk Warzone Centre 1997 – 2003, Ricky Adam

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Damiani, Via dello Scalo 3/2 ABC, 40131 Bologna, Italy,

The „Warzone Collective“ formed 1984 and the Centre opened in 1986, it was a DIY venue, practice room, recording studio, café, screen printing space inspired by what was going on in Europe at the time – some Belfast punks experienced it first hand being on tour with their bands and brought the ideas back home. Adam was born in 1974 and he took photos at the Warzone („We called it the Warzone Centre because that was how it felt at the time.“ Marty Martin, Toxic Waste) from 1997 – 2003 (then the Centre closed and reopened 2011 in a different building) that are documented here.

The first couple of pages are some bold gig or strong political statement flyers from the time, followed by three forewords from Chris Magee, Petesy Burns and Marty Martin. Then you get over 80 black-and-white photos on plus 170 pages that capture the counter-cultural energy of the Belfast punk scene. Band shots, crowd shots, dancing, street scenes, drinking, smoking, leather, studs, mowhawks – the photos manage to give you a good impression on how it was at this Northern Ireland DIY space. All photos are full pages, some even spreads – Belfast Punk right in your face! („It has often been said that the reason punk was more popular in the north of Ireland than anywhere else in the world, is because we needed it more, and it’s true.“ Marty Martin, Toxic Waste ) At the end there is also some words by the photographer himself. Nice format (22,4 x 2,3 x 30 cm ), Hardcover. If you like photo books, you love this one. No Index. 35,00 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 9788862085106

[Trust # 186 September 2017]

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