Dezember 4th, 2012

Vintage Skaterock – Skateboard music of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Dr. Skaterock

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Ok, you have heard about Skatepunk, but Skaterock? Yes, it is out there and has been for a very long time. In this unique 192 page book which comes in the 7″ format, the author, Flow Hofmeister, explains what exactly Skaterock is, gives you an overview on the history of Skaterock and how to use the book. In it you find hundreds of reviews of Skaterock records and over 350 coloured scans of recordcovers and labels. Some of the motives are hilarious, others simply great.

Reading the book makes clear english is not the motherlanguage of the author, but that does not matter since the way it is written is cool. Actually, this is not neccesarly a book to read from start to finish but more a work of reference, so it also has a overview index in case you need to look up something. The reviews are not so much your common „music reviews“ but more a info on the orgin of the record, who recorded it and all this other collector info.

It would be improved if the illustrations and the reviews would not be seperated but mixed together, maybe a idea for the second part of the book with 80’s and 90’s Skaterock(punk). Musicwise most of all in here is not punk, but pop, surf, 60s and weird stuff. If you want to get a first impression of most of the good stuff, the author recommends a compilation realesed by Diggler Rec in 2005, named „This is skateboard music“. Do you know what a skatar is? This book will teach you and surprise you with alot of other gems. A household must have, at least for skater, collectors and Skaterock-Fans. The price including shipping is 19.- Euro (24.- Euro outside of Germany), so go for it. (dolf)

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