Februar 11th, 2010

TYPICAL GIRLS? – The Story of The Slits – Zoe Street Home

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Ok, I have to admit, I never was a big fan of this band, cant remember if I did not like the music anyway The book tells the detailed story of this very first female punk band. Luckily the author talks directly to all the members of the band, their manager (Don Letts), their mentor (Keith Levene) and many other friends from back then. At first I was sceptical if a “Story of the” book of a band that meant not much too me would be a good read. Let me tell you, it was! At times, in the end, maybe a bit lengthy, but that was no problem.

Because you find out so much about the personal crossconnections going on back then, which is no surprise, it was not a big scene. This book brings you back to the beginings of Punk, you not only learn so much about the Slits and their members, but also about the scene from back then – what else can you ask for. For fans of the band a must. The book has more then 200 pages, is paperback and fragmented in: Introduction, Acknowledgements, Timeline (that is “funny”!), The Story of the Slits, Discography and Bibliography.

One thing I learned from this is: back then some people from the punk scene already had a rich background, while others had not. Big surprise? No. Looking at it from today, it is also easy to “critizise” their involvement with Reggae, while it is debatable if Reggae music is cool or not, one can not debate that rastafari is just another stupid religion that needs to be looked at as just like that this was not only a problem of the Slits, but of large parts of the punk scene back then. just thought I had to mention this. (dolf)

Isbn 9781847727800

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