Juni 1st, 2011

Textura Dos – Buenos Aires Street Art – Matt Fox-Tucker, Guilherme Zauith

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Mark Batty Publishers, 36 West 37th Street, Suite 409, New York, NY, 10018, Usa, www.markbattypublisher.com / Thames & Hudson Uk, www.thameshudsonc.com

The first „Textura-Book“ was about Valencia and I was not so impressed… this one is much better, well, at least I like the art displayed much more! This is a nice hardcover book about street art in Buenes Aires and you learn about the city, its different neighbourhoods and the graff there. Alot of great artists produce some amazing pieces, it is remarkable that alot of the street art shown is super huge – and I mean huge, some of them cover full – very high – housewalls. You can tell that, even thou street art is not legal in Argentina, the government has bigger problems to worry about, otherwise it would just not be possible to throw those monster-size motivs on there since it must take forever in some cases. Another noticeable detail is: bare breasts – this is probably the streetart book with most of them.

On the journey thru all kinds of diffrent barrios (48 of them in the city) you can join the authors how they discover and photograph the best works they can find. Along the way you can also learn a little bit of history of: Almagro, Balvanera, Barracas, Belgrano, Caballito, Chacarita, Colegiales, Constitución, La Boca, La Paternal, Nunez, Palermo, Recoleta, Saavedra, San Cristóbal, San Telmo, Villa Crespo, Villa Devoto and Villa Urquiza. Mostly very colourful murals and stencils tell stories about its past, present and future. In the end there is a bunch of „Buenos Aires Texturas“ and with the book comes a code for free texture images to download. 150 pages in english and spanish (21,5×26 cm, 35.- US $). I look forward for the next book in this series! (dolf)

Isbn 978-1-9356130-3-9

[Trust # 147 April 2011]


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