November 30th, 2016

Surf Odyssey – The Culture of Wave Riding, Andrew Groves & Gestalten

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Die Gestalten Verlag, Mariannenstr. 9-10, 10999 Berlin,


Just when you thought no other surf book can impress you…this one comes out and proofs the opossite. Focused mainly on special personalities in surfing and their lifestyles plus a few remote surf spots that are – so far – fairly uncommon. Mix that with a bunch of surf related artists, custom board shapers/builders and other individuals that relate and you get a 320 pages hardcover book full of mainly great photos and some more, others less – inspiring and intersting texts to read. It is great to see they also speak about the environmental and social responsibility everyone has. What I found especially outstanding was all the information

and great stroys about cold water surfing (Capetown, Iceland, Alaska, South Korea, Canada, Great Lakes, Sweden, Norway… ), some of those photos are just so unreal, when you see surfers walking thru hiphigh snow in black wetsuits with their boards under the arm, or shots of people surfing a wave with snow covered mountains right next to the coast – so – errr – cool. But no worries, there is also plenty of coverage of far away warm but not so common countries (Brazil – Pororoca wave, India, Bangladesh….)
Also very stunning are those underwater photos by pioneering outdoor photographers of course most of the over water shots blow you away too. And even thou in the imprint it says: „ None of the content in this book was published in exchange for payment by commercial parties or designers“ A few of the product presentations feel exactly like that…. but, since you can count them on one hand, it really does not matter and does not lower the quality at all. This book certainly belongs in the top list of surf books. 39,90 Euro (dolf)
Isbn 978-3899556537

[Trust # 180 September 2016]

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