Juni 7th, 2020

Soulside, Washington, D.C., 1986 – 1989, Alexis Fleisig

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Akashic Books, 222 Third St., Suite A 115, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Usa, www.akashicbooks.com

When this book was announced for the first time I was like „A coffetablebook for a band that existed four years?“ Then kinda forgot about it, but what a nice surprise when it finally came in – it is small in size, 16cm x 16cm x 1,3 cm, less then an 7“ single, a cappucinotablebook. Perfect. It still has 96 pages with tons of photos and flyers from the tours the band did throughout North America and Europe. Luckily their drummer, who is also the person who compiled this book, has kept his collection and now shares it in this great book. There is a little bit of text, about the band, but mostly photos with description and tons of artwork.

You can tell Fleisig is also a graphic designer, it is so much fun to go thru this book and find little unique pieces of old artwork. There is mostly 4c photos, but also some b/w, nice mix. You find a lot of other – very young – persons from the DC punk scene in these photos – obviously, since the band was a part of exactly that scene. If you know and love the band, this is a must, if you like DC punk bands, also. Price is a bit steep it seems, but that is what you have to pay for a cappucinotablebook in full hard cover. 30,00 $ US (dolf)

Isbn 978-1617758157

[Trust # 201 April 2020]

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