September 29th, 2010

Reasons Not Rules

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Cobra Records, Tulpenweg 65, 44651 Wanne-Eikel

Wow, another great photobook! This time from Germany, but fully in english. It starts off with a strong series of “one-musician-only-live-on-stage-with-no background-but-black-photos”, great shots even if it is like unreal. In the end there is some more of those. What follows is many great photos of hardcore bands, crowd shots, some of them are spread over 2 pages, some not. Text scribbled with a marker on the pages and sometimes into the photos is a concept, but not my favourite.

There is so many super strong photos that transport the energy of a live hardcore-concert onto paper, amazing – good selection by editor Nora Bendel from photos by “”. It is also surely a concept not to mention/credit photographers, I’d had preferd that. Some of the featured bands: Ceremony, Converge, Verse, Truth Through Fight, Death Is Not Glamorous, Cold World, Tackleberry, Colin Of Arabia, An Albatros, The Smackdown, Bane, Rise And Fall, Heaven Shall Burn, Gtuk, Gold Kids, Down To Nothing, Deny Everything, Killing The Dream, No Turning Back, Ritual, True Colours, Just Went Black and many more.

There is also a interview section (Brian Peterson, Bjoern Esser, Cold World, Schumitz and Marco, Flint Stelter, Michelle Olaya Ortega, Daniel Gerigk and some more plus a tour diary). While I don`t have a problem to see written text in a photobook, I had not so much fun reading those interviews – I wished the bands/people would have contributed “real” text for such a special project. Anyway, does not make the book bad, but one can tell it is again another generation of hardcore (a merch company is also interviewed that maybe had something to do with hardcore in the past, but certainly has not anymore, business pure.) people.

Reading what the different people have to say, I better don`t comment them individually. Nevertheless it is a great book, well done hardcover, thick paper, more then 150 pages, ca. A4 size. What I do miss thou – even if that surly also was part of the concept, is a index. Lastly I unfortunally need to mention that the book/ink smells like fucking chemical shit. It still does, after reading it, its stench disturbes my nose right now if you are straight edge, you need to wear a mask looking at the book, that is for sure. 21,40 Euro (dolf)

[Trust # 143 August 2010]

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