Februar 5th, 2020

Punk Faction BHP `91 to `95 – David Gamage

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Earthisland Publishing, 22 Church Road, Turnbridge Wells, TN1 1JP, United Kingdom, www.earthisland.co.uk

I have no memory about this zine from the UK, even thou the author says he is almost sure they sent it to us for review, I scanned what can be scanned but found no trace. Anyway, it was a nice A5 zine published from Kent (the town) in Great Britain. They did nine issues and all these are documented as facsimile in this 280 page book. There is a foreword by Frank Turner as well as a introduction by the author plus a overview to the zines and their content. The layout is classic cut and paste fanzinestyle with tons of reviews and interviews with bands, there is also a lot of personal and political stuff. Great mix and a trip down memory lane. If this book would have been published 10 years ago, I would have probably read everything, not nowadays.

I had a good time browsing those pages and seeing so many interesting and cool bits and pieces. Some of the bands interviewed: Green Day, The Hard-Ons, Ramones, Snfu, All, Alloy, Samiam, Down by Law, Rancid, Shelter, Jawbreaker, Pennywise (this is all non-UK bands, there is also UK bands featured!)…. just to name a few. It is a cool look back to the youth culture of hardcore punk that happened all over Europe in the 90s and before and after that. Paperback 14,00 £ (dolf)

Isbn 9781999758127

[Trust # 199 December 2019]

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