Oktober 7th, 2013

Hrvst: Youth

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Averse, Schlesische Str. 26, Aufgang CIV, 10997 Berlin


Originally this was planned to be published in fall 2010, but it took them until now to finnish the second book with the same concept „One Issue One Topic“ in this case: Youth. This time there is contributions from 35 people (musicians, artists) from around the world, well USA and Europe that is mainly. Like last time, every author has a small “about me” text, a ID photo and another photo selected. Most of it is short stories, but also some photos. The storys range from, „why did I read this“ to „good point“ and everything inbetween.

Storys from the youth, fucking shit up, beeing unhappy, misunderstood, haveing a great time – of course everybody has their individual way to write about youth. Unfortunally there was no eye opener among the texts. Not sure how the editors (Thiele/Thauer) select their contributers, but maybe that can be finetuned – or uptuned. Almost 250 pages starting with a intro, at the end there is contacts to all the contributers. Paperback. Limited to 700 copies. Lets see what their next topic is. 12.- Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978 3 9418 93 05 4

[Trust # 161 August 2013]

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