September 26th, 2018

Forever More – The New Tattoo

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Die Gestalten Verlag, Mariannenstr. 9-10, 10999 Berlin,

A book jacket that is cut in half? I see the artistic uniqueness, but also the function is cut in half…. anyway. Here you find the tattoo artwork of 60 different contemporary tattoo artists (Miriam Frank, Duncan X, David Schiesser, Grace Neutral, Fidjit, Isaiah Toothtaker, and many others ) from around the world. After a preface from Matt Lodder some of the artist chapters are accompanied by text, others not. There is some great tattoos, of people who are awesome artists. There is some great ideas inked in skin, weird motives and there is some stupid shit that people probably will regret. As always it is a matter of taste and this book proofs there is a wide range.

I liked the the work by Rit Kit (Ukraine) a lot, she uses real flora as the basis for her innovative watercolor-inspired and very detailed work. In contrast more or less meaningful slogans in bold letters written on skin. Pffff. Luckily most of the stuff is worth a look. Nice book in a good format (23,2 x 2,7 x 29,5 cm ) that shows what tattoo artists are up to nowadays. Missed 3D tattoos and for my taste more photo realistic art could have been featured – but hey…. still a great book for people who are into tattoos. 288 pages, bound, 39,30 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-3899559262

[Trust # 191 August 2018]

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