Juli 31st, 2014

Destroying Everything …seems like the only option, Ricky Adam

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DestroyingEverythingThe first edition of this book 2013 was gone so fast, we had to wait for the second editon to be published. No surprise. While meanwhile the world has probably seen enough photobooks of punk rockers, enough photobooks of bmx riders and enough photobooks of abandoned buildings and scenerys.

Ricky Adam manages to mix all of those subjects into a excellent compilation. Unquestionable a great photographer who not only knows his gear but also what and when to shoot – because Ricky is part of what is happening behind his lense.

This probably is also a reason why this book and its photos are a bit different, Adam is not a outsider, he is living and breathing what he captures on film – or nowadays on chipcards. Born 1974 in Northern Irland he got into BMX when it was not considered „cool“ anymore, he got into punk rock in the early 90’s and nowadays his work is featured in many worldwide publications and record labels. This book shows over 100 photos, some b/w some 4/c, no blury artsy pieces. You can acutally see what is going on, which is a whole lot of punk rock (bands and people) bmx jumps, tricks and bails and some other cool shit. The book is 28 x 25 cm, big enough to present the photographs in a appropriate format, not disturbed by any text. In the back you see a index with all the pix in small and explanations. Of course there is a foreword by Ricky Adam and 3-4 more people contribute short text of information. These are special photos you need to see. Single subject books might be boring after this. Just like life, it is not just about one thing, but everything. 35.- Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-8888493923

[Trust # 166 June 2014]

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