Februar 4th, 2015

Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, The Early Years, Alex Ogg

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Maybe I did expect too much, but it was rather boring to read this book. Not sure why that is, it is definitly not only the authors fault, since he depends on what the bandmembers tell him. What they tell him is just sometimes interesting and often boring – like how they recoreded this and that song and what „happend“ in the studio (nothing that will not happen at any other recording…). Of course each party claims to be responsible for the songs and usually remembers stuff different than the other party. Remember, it is Biafra vs the rest of the band. I would prefer to read about insightfull news about the DKs. Here and there it is a bit more intersting – Ogg did not only speak to bandmembers but also labelpeople and roadies. The Dead Kennedys where a great band, no doubt. But after reading this, I’m not sure if any other members than the singer ever where really interested in

punk in the sense of „no, we are not just another rockband that wants to become famous and make money“. But maybe that is a wrong impression. There is also many graphics that loose up the book, unfortunally it is mostly stuff any fan has seen on the records… same here, it does not hurt to see that, but new? Nope. If you never heard from the Dead Kennedys, then this is a good introduction to their early years and their first 7″s and the first album. 200 pages, paperback. 17,95 $ (dolf)
Isbn 978-1604864892

[Trust # 169 December 2014]

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