Juni 5th, 2013

Banksy – You Are An Acceptable Level Of Threat And If You Were Not You Would Know About It – Gary Shove & Patrick Potter

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Carpetbombing Culture, 42 Swinburn Road, Darlington, Co Durham DL37TD, UK
www.carpetbombingculture.co.uk /Gingko Press, Hamburger Str. 180, 22083 Hamburg, www.gingkopress.com


I like this book, even thou I can not tell you if there is many „new“ art of Banksy in here, I’m not an expert but I do recognise alot of the motives. Anyway, it is definitly a book for Banksy starters or lovers. What makes this book special is the way the authors write it. They do know alot about the artist, so it could be they even know him or work with him, but it could also mean they have no fucking clue if Banksy is just one person or meanwhile a group of people. Who knows and honestly, who cares. I found it again interesting and entertaining to read about this guy from Bristol, look at his great art and smile when I see his great ideas.

Banksy is not only art, but also a form of politcal protest and the man knows how to combine both. The authors did a good job on the writing part, plenty of „Banecdotes“ that come along with the over 200 illustrations on +200 pages. Nicely layoutet it comes in hardcover – eye pleasure for sure. Ok, I admit it, I like Banksy, therefore I hope I never meet him in order not to get disappointed finding out he is not what I imagine, but everything else but cool, political and nice. If the book was done completly withouth authorisation please someone else discuss if this is a art rip off or not. 27,50 Euro (dolf)

Isbn 978-1908211088

[Trust # 159 April 2013]


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