Januar 13th, 2010


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We review almost all releases that fall into our muscial context and fit our independent agenda, means Punk, Hardcore, Underground, DIY etc. – doesn`t matter if it is on tape, Vinyl, CD, DVD. We won`t review MP3 or anything similar (streams, downloads etc).

If you send something in for review, we try to cover it, but we can`t promise to review everything we receive. Please no follow-up calls/mails, please don`t ask if we received your material and if and when the review will appear in Trust. We don`t have enough staff to track that down. There is only one way to see if your stuff got a review, make a subscription

We are here to bring out a bi-monthly fanzine. We are not a tracking down factory. We only rewiew complete review material: we understand a release as a combination of three parts: music, artwork, lyrics. That means we don`t review CD-Rs (when they are not Demo-CDs) or promo-preßings of records without artwork and lyrics. Send finnished product only.


We try to be fair in reviewing your releases. We give you free space inside our pages. Therefore we think its fair when the reviewer can keep the record which should not be damaged like clipped or sth like that. We never send review material back.

If you run an advertisement cool! But that does not mean you will get a (good) review. We know you? Cool! But then again that don`t mean an extra bonus for a bad record. You are from a far away country and make punk music? Wonderful. But it is no guarantee we like it just because it is (not) from the States, Germany or Japan… good music, good lyrics, good artwork = good review!

Our language is german, we can not translate your review. A review in Trust does not mean that you will get a Trust issue send to you. Please understand our situation: we want to hear your stuff, ok! Always in for new music! Shoot it over, bring the noise etc. We get so many stuff every week, it is totally insane. We can`t track it all back. We can`t send you the issue with your review inside. (unless you send us money) Then again, we want from you the real record with artwork and lyrics. If you do vinly only, send us vinly and not a cdr. We know the problems with postage worldwide, yeah!


If you dont like the policy, fair enough. Even if we want to say that there are only like four or five reguarly published print fanzines for HC-Punk-Underground left WORLDWIDE which are not coporated. And how many record labels are there? You see? If you don`t like what you read, then please don`t send us your stuff. It is okay, no problem.

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