August 12th, 2008

924 Gilman – The story so far… Compiled by Brian Edge

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Maximumrocknroll, Po Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146-0760 Usa

This book is amazing. Its a documentation of a great project in the Bay Area – located at 924 Gilman Street – of its own kind. 1kg, over 400 pages full of storys from people who have been working at the venue from the beginning in 1989 until now. Their impressions, their feelings, their experiences, anecdotes, storys everything (apart from names, which I find a bit disturbing). The problem is, that alot of the MANY contributers kinda make the same experiences over the years and that gets a bit boring after you read the „same“ again and again. In my opinion less would have been more, the mass makes it a bit dry to read after a while..

Regardless, Brian Edge, who compiled the book, did a great job. There is also over 200 photos and tons of facsimile of flyers, protocols and other Gilman related information. I have to admit I „only“ read all the storys and did not read everything (the facsimiles)…. and I also think that the book is made for people who have been there or have some sort of connection to the place. I have a hard time to imagine very many people, who dont know 924, to read the book, last thru it and understand it. But I know they are out there and it is also a good book to learn how to run (and not) a DIY place, to get info and inside knowledge. And over the years there have been many people there, so it should not be a problem.

At the end of the book there is a show list of ALL the shows that happend there with all the bands – amazing. If you wanna find out where Green Day, Rancid and other bands started, read this book, learn you history! What made me read the book? What is my connection to this place at the westcoast of the Usa? I was there in 1989, attended way to many meetings and helped built the fucker up. Still have my membership card, first edition, issued Jan. 1. 1987. Long live Gilman! (dolf)

Softcover for 25$ ppd world.

Isbn 0-9755680-0-0

[Trust # 112 Juni 2005]


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