Dezember 8th, 2010

240 Months by Sabot

Posted in bücher by Dolf

Cesta, Nov`kova 387,
39001 T`bor, Czech Republic

Unfortunally I’m not familiar with “120 Months” Part I of the Sabot history, anyway. Here is Pt. II, Sabot is a band, a duo, formed 1988 in San Francisco, moved to Czech Republic in 1993 and touring the world. Literally the world, apart from your “standard” european/north american route they have been to: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Estonia, Indonesia, Japan, Lativa, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Venezuela. I don`t know of any other band that has covered so much ground the book ist mostly pictures from all these countrys: architecture, people, weird shit, funny shit, nature..

and I can tell you it is great to look at. Amazing stuff from around the world, inbetween always photos of Hilary and Chris, sometimes live, sometimes not. Accompanied by text written from their friends from around the world (Trust’s Stone had the pleasure to contribute a text too) – where they share their storys with Sabot. Is this a new genre: Trip-Photo-Book ? Maybe? Anyway, it is hardcover (elaborate design, 215 x 155 mm), full colored, around 130 pages and also includes a DVD.

Built in pull out feature – nice! On the disc you get more impressions from their travel around the world. Lots of live footage, interview, trailers of upcoming films and what not. This is a inspiring book by inspiring people. In case you are not familiar with their music, it is instrumental and they are really good musicians the rest you need to find out yourself. Look forward to see 360 months! (dolf)

[Trust # 144 October 2010]

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