Juni 4th, 2010

Skateboarding.3D – Sebastian Denz

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Prestel Verlag
Isbn 978-3791341910


The last 3D book I saw was probably “Loud 3D” back in the early eighties, that showed punk bands but that is another story. This book comes in a cardboard-slipcase with a little textile coating. More textile coating on the actual book, it is fully covered (it`s a style concept, matching book/slipcase), with embossed title. You can tell, productioncosts was not a question for this nice project (thanks to Carhartt, I guess. ).

Let me quote from the authors website: “SKATEBOARDING.3D is about space in a phenomenological sense and about human beings creating their own construction of reality within these spaces. With the example of skateboarding-culture I bring up for discussion a hybrid space that is in between virtual and real – a “Postvirtual Space`.” Hmm, reading the texts in the book with titles like “Diaphanous zones and layered images” (Deppner), “Bodies in space – the photographs of Sebastian Denz (Honef), “Savestates from a postvirtual space” (Jänger interviews Denz), does not really help me to understand more of course I understand the project but have to say the writing is much, much overloaded with academic analysis, foreign words and a general word acrobatic.

So lets concentrate on the stuff where acrobatic counts – skating. There are so many amazing 3 D photos in this book, I already forgot about the text. There is 21 figures (people) in 21 scenes skating. First I thought: “dude, I don`t wanna see dudes with their boards standing, I wanna see them in action”, but in the whole context it makes sense. For the project a unique 8 x 10 inch large-format-stereo-apparatus was developed and built by a friend. On the exhibitions (yes, they exist too, it is a real project) you can see some of the professional skaters in the “real hyper-reality` of life-sized high-resolution 3D-images!

All the photos are excellent, you can see the spatial effect so well, especially mindblowing are the Scenes 3, 11 and 15 – it is as 3D as it gets. In the end you get a Index that introduces the skaters, their trick and where and when it was shot. The book is large 35 x 25 so you have big photos you can look at. There is four 3D glasses included so you and your friends can experience the experience at the same time. And I suggest you do, this is a very unique project and book. 49,95 Euro (dolf)

[Trust # 141 April 2010]

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